10 Facts You Didn’t Know About UK Roads

From the designer of UK road signs to the most haunted road, we take a look at some unusual facts about UK roads we bet you’re not aware of.


  1. The transformation of Britain’s road signs

    In the 1960’s Margaret Calvert designed the current signage system used on UK roads. These were designed to make signs easy to read, distinctive and uncluttered.

  2. The first motorway

    On 5th December 1958 the first Motorway was opened. Originally known as the M6 Preston Bypass, this motorway was only 8 miles long stretching from Bamber Bridge to Broughton.

  3. The most dangerous road

    The A537 has been nicknamed as the ‘Cat and Fiddle’ is the most dangerous road in Britain due its mounting death toll. The 7.5-mile road has severe bends, steep falls and dry-stone walls, completed with scenic views.

  4. The most haunted road

    Sightings of soldiers marching, phantom lorry’s driving the wrong way and spine-tingling feelings experienced has resulted in the M6 being dubbed the most haunted road in the UK.

  5. The most complicated roundabout

    The most complex roundabout nicknamed ‘The Magic Roundabout’ can be found in Swindon. This unusual roundabout has five smaller individual traffic circles grouped around the central roundabout, as well as a cycle lane running around the outside.

  6. The very first traffic light

    With over 25,000 traffic lights in the UK, it’s hard to imagine a city without them. It was in 1868 when the first gas-powered and hand operated traffic signal was invented by J P Knight and installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

  7. The city with the most traffic lights

    It is in fact, the city of Leicester which is thought to have the highest number of traffic lights in one UK city.

  8. The truth about red lights

    It’s often believed that you can drive through a red traffic light if you think they are broken. The truth – if the traffic lights are not working, you must treat the situation as you would an unmarked junction and proceed with great care.

  9. UK road repairs

    In the UK there are over 24,000 miles of road that needs repairing in 2018. However, did you know that UK roads are only resurfaced every 78 years?

  10. Pothole maintenance

    And last but not least, we were interested to discover that a pothole is filled every 21 seconds in the UK.

There you have it – 10 of our favourite road facts.