The Importance of High Speed Traffic Management

At Midlands Traffic Management we focus on providing comprehensive traffic management solutions carried out by fully trained and qualified operatives, whether that’s on a closed road, motorway or high-speed dual carriageway.

We also understand that minimising disruption to road users and keeping traffic moving is a key concern for many clients. That’s why our team of high-speed operatives must all complete the necessary National Highway Sector Scheme 12A training before working on a motorway or high-speed dual carriageway.

High-speed traffic management training delivered by LANTRA provides our operatives with the necessary knowledge needed to install, maintain and remove temporary traffic management on motorways and high speed dual carriageways, safely, efficiently and quickly, helping to keep delays and congestion to a minimum.

Our traffic management certifications demonstrate how we:

• Comply with industry benchmarks and standards
• Keep traffic moving and minimise disruption
• Achieve operational efficiency
• Comply with legal regulatory requirements
• Maintain safety by reducing risks through greater consistency
• Have access to expertise, guidelines and support

For more information on our high-speed traffic management service and how we can help with your project please call us on 0121 550 3445 or email us.